Forget everything you know about the over saturated world of hip hop. Forget that the status is currently filled with mumble rappers, lyricism is almost extinct, producers and artist are in a constant battle to outshine one another and egos rule the world. Instead let’s try to focus on the superb artistry that is JFK. His recent single, “Strive,” displays his versatility and finds him cleverly dropping a bouncy metaphorical flow over a bass infused soundtrack. The chorus is catchy, his lyrical transitions are smooth, and his clever wordplay displays how effortlessly he rides a beat. JFK is in a league of his own, this song has the potential to be the back drop of the summer. Each line is premeditated venom spit with a slightly arrogant bounce, and a little reminder that JFK makes this job look way too easy, in the army of hip hop its clear he’s a revolutionary provoking epiphany on anyone dares to stand in his way.

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