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Project Zee’s “Around The World Girl” Music Video is a Pleasure for the Eyes

The music video for the song “Around the World Girl” By Project Zee featuring Kele La Roc & Neco is one of the most creative dance and house music videos ever seen. It has hit over 2,000,000 views on YouTube.

The song “Around The World Girl” is a lovely song where Neco  and Project Zee beautifully illustrated the creative process and delivered the lines as if he was dictating what was happening as it occurred. The vocals are minimal and nice. You can almost see the words floating around in the air, rearranging themselves until they make sense. The track builds and gets more hype as it goes along. 

Neco is probably one of the most talented artist in dance and house music. The depth and expanse of his abilities are boundless. He makes music from a variety of spaces, fusing sounds across genres to make the best melodies. His delivery is a wonder to fans, and within the industry, no one has the ability to replicate his style, flow and delivery. Simply put, he is a unicorn; a rare talent that shows up once in every generation. 

With an outstanding talent, Neco’s credibility is based on his ability to be genuine. Throughout the course of his musical career, he has won over Music lovers  all the while recording new music.

Neco’s originality and previous releases have significantly helped him amass a loyal and supportive fan base online. He has built an international following by paving his own path with his distinct artistry and distinguished approach. Neco’s dance and house music style is notable for a lyrical depth and narrative that’s refreshingly substantive for his style of music.

About Neco & Project Zee 

Music brings people together and bridges genres and generations. Neco  wants his music and appearances to contribute to this togetherness – He feels this is a way to give back to society and an expression of the individuality everyone brings to the world.

Neco offers his listeners an eclectic musical repertoire and tries to give lesser known genres the attention they’re due. His main aim is for all music lovers to enjoy his music.

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