Ab Maliq

New rapper going by the name of Ab Maliq born may 26 1996 in bronx New York started writing music at 18 music at decided to wrap underneath his own label MND

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grew up in a religious household and listened to His first album ready to die by biggie in 6th grade from there he loved rapped listened to a lot of old school for years till he got into high school and started listening to more current rappers. started writing at 18 when he reached his lowest point and he said “fuck it lemme try to catch a dream that I ain’t even believe could come true but life had different ideas in mind” and he didn’t step into a studio until he turned 23 the date was 8/19/ 2019 three months later he dropped his first mixtape “Xone” (pronounced zone).
He created the label MND in those hopes the logo an octopus because he want to have hands in everything and he couldn’t think of a better animal to symbolize that. His music is a guilty pleasure it is simply here to give his a voice as he feels he’ve been the silent one for too long who ever loves its nothing but love whoever’s hates it is free to do so he has no real message He raps about what he feels like rapping about he’s not gonna lie and try to be the woke rapper or the deep rapper he’s not even tryna be the turn up rapper simply just tryna see if he’s as good as he thinks He is.

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