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Born in Georgetown, South Carolina on 4/10/92 as Edmund Dechane Holmes, aka SME BUDDHA, this artist is destined for stardom! SME stands for “Stacking Money Everyday” and BUDDHA was derived from his partner Marcus that estimated his wisdom to be beyond his age. Growing up in Georgetown dealt its challenges to BUDDHA by witnessing so much at an early age, from drug raids with guns drawn by officers to having to grow up in the neighborhood’s leading drug house. BUDDHA’S reality has always been most rappers fake fantasies, but his block E-Ave prepared this young mogul to endure any circumstances and convert them to his benefits. Having 3 brothers, 1 sister and being involved with sports growing up taught BUDDHA loyalty and diversity.

Recording music became an alternative of the streets after serving 5 years for a drug-conspiracy case in a federal penitentiary and going back wasn’t an option for BUDDHA! Taking his career serious, BUDDHA recorded his song with BOOSIE on December 23, 2018 with a smash single named “RUN IT UP”. Artists such as JAY Z, DRAKE, USHER, BOOSIE, LIL WAYNE and MEEK MILL played a huge role influencing BUDDHA to become an over acheiver to not only become a household name in the industry, but to become successful in doing so. From opening up for JEEZY to over exceeding expectations, BUDDHA has a bright future in music, and if you’re not on point, this phenomenal artist just might pass you by!

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