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Inspired by Prodigy, DJ Shadow and Fatboy Slim – DJ Paula Frost is a London based female DJ signed to Glasstone Records. She has DJed 14 countries worldwide and has her own weekly radio show. Go to to preorder this single now on itunes or presave on Spotify, release date March 20th.


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DJ Paula Frost is an international dance music DJ specialising in jungle and drum & bass. Based in London, she embarked on an epic 14 country World Tour in 2017-18 broadcasting a radio show and playing live gigs along the way. Paula has performed in Japan, New Zealand, Croatia, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam and even rang in the New Year DJing in Sri Lanka. She has also headlined Vietnam’s Reggae Beach Fest in Da Nang.

DJ Paula Frost has a weekly drivetime radio show on one of the UK’s top community stations Kane 103.7 FM every Thursday from 3-5pm with 5000 listeners and often interviews top guests. She spins reggae, rock and old skool rave and jungle with a unique flair and is set to release her debut EP in 2020. Paula has supported major label rock band Slaves and headlined Camden Roundhouse, Manchester Art Gallery, performed for Euro Parliament in Westminister and DJed over 100 venues all over the UK with crowds loving the vibe.

Interview by Tim Brown

When did you start DJing?

My first DJ gig was in Margate at a place called ‘Up The Bracket’ (named after the Libertines song) which has now become part of Dreamland, an adventure park! That was back in 2013 and I just did it for my friend’s event ‘Art’s Cool’. I Djed British indie anthems like The Clash – ‘London Calling’ and Reef – ‘Place Your Hands’. It gave me a good buzz to see people dancing. Slaves played later that night and now they’re signed to Virgin Records and have had 3 top 10 albums. I think a bit of their luck rubbed off on me!

What famous musician do you admire?

The Prodigy for sure. I have their stuff on vinyl and it blows me away to hear the layers within their songs. The bass is fierce. I saw them live at Reading Festival and it was the scariest gig of my life. I had to be crowd surfed out of the pit because I thought my legs were breaking. Everyone lost their minds that night, I heard the ice cream truck got pushed over with the dude inside.

Do you collect old records?

Yes I’m a vinyl junkie! I have a record collection which I share with my dad which has all his stuff from the early punk days and all my stuff which is recent releases. The records I’m proudest of are the Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, The Clash – ‘London Calling’, The Ruts ‘The Crack’, King Krule’s debut LP, my 2 Tone singles collection signed by Jerry Dammers from The Specials and my signed Crass LP ‘Penis Envy’!

How often do you perform in public? Describe a few occasions.

Performing live is what I love to do. I have been playing shows seriously for two years now. Highlights have been my tour in Japan, my headline set at Camden Roundhouse and my trip to Sri Lanka to DJ New Year’s Eve. I also have to say I DJed for 400 members of Euro Parliament held by the Green Party and that was totally insane. Europeans know how to party. I love them! Everyone was still chanting for more 20 minutes after I went offstage and people were coming up to me for pictures after the show. I also DJ every week on Kane 103.7 FM. My radio show is UK drive time every Thursday from 3-5pm and I spin an eclectic mix, mainly punk and reggae.

What makes music ‘good’ to you?

That’s a tough question because I love everything from Bob Dylan which is lyrically focused to Chris Lorenzo which is very rhythm focused. I think there’s a magic, art and mystery to songwriting. That’s why it’s so interesting because it can’t be manufactured. You have to have that spark, that original idea that clicks with people. I love meaningful songs that move you and make you feel connected to others. That can be anything from Oasis ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ to Bob Marley ‘Redemption Song’ or Underworld ‘Born Slippy’.

Why did you choose to play this kind of music?

It’s hard to explain why you like a certain type of music. It kind of chooses you. I just love the sound of rhythmic drums with a great bassline. A good lyricist and catchy hook and the song is killing it! I like to mix up genres and do the unexpected. If you ask someone what music they like they always say ‘A bit of everything’ so I reflect that in my DJ sets by throwing in massive tunes from every era and genre. A few singalongs and a lot of dancy rave tunes. 

Let’s talk about your music and your latest work…

Firstly, my debut single OXYGEN TANK is available to preorder now. It’s out on March 20th and I am super proud of it! Secondly, right now I am extremely busy, working full time in music journalism and DJing as much as I can outside of that, usually at weekends. I get up at 6am and work on my DJing before I go to the office at 10am. I write songs and record when I can. Currently I am writing a book about the 14 country world tour I went on in 2017-18 which is going to be wild when it’s released, called ‘DIY DJ’. I played across Japan, Vietnam, Croatia, New Zealand and all over. I have just written my debut EP with four tracks to be released later this year and I have another single coming out after that which has more of a jungle vibe.

How do you feel about the internet’s effect on the music business?

I think it’s had an amazing effect. It’s given talented artists their own platform to establish themselves without having to rely on major labels. The internet has given music fans the opportunity to buy cheaper second hand instruments and collect music easily. It’s turned the tables and shaken everything up giving people more opportunity. I think the internet has had a good effect on the music industry, some would disagree but it’s here to stay whatever anyone thinks!

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?

Well I am a drummer primarily and I started out playing drums in bands. I can play a bit of guitar and a few years ago I wrote and recorded a whole album of songs and sang lead vocals. I am heavily into punk and reggae music and began gradually writing my own reggae and dub tunes which led into dance music. I put no limits on the type of music I write and I experiment a lot with different sounds and recording techniques. In the future I’d like to incorporate some drumming into my live DJ sets. 

What are the plans for the future?

I have tons of shows lined up all over the UK and I will be going hard this festival season. I am most looking forward to my headline set on the Introducing stage at Rebellion Festival. I’ll be performing from 10-11pm on Friday night and will have some epic punk vocalists helping me out!

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