Get It in While You Can by Stephanie Harris and Patrick Peyton

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The lyrics were written by Stephanie Harris, but the genius behind the music is Patrick Peyton, with Pittipad Studios in Maryland. He started playing drums around the age of eleven. He began writing songs during his later years in high school. While, playing timpani and percussions in schools, churches, and orchestras, he acquired his own equipment and now produces music of his own.

I have several videos on Youtube Channel: Get it in, by Stephanie Harris
The songs mean, just what it says, “Get life in, while you can, because life’s too short.” Get your education, play, work, sleep, love, see your doctor and take your medication, party, wash those clothes and dishes, get off drugs, stop drinking, take time out with kids and parents, travel, etc… Just get it in… get it in…get it in

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