Interview with TBB THE GAME

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Interview by Tim Brown

Where was everyone born? Jamebo and Landoe$ were born in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

What’s everyone full names and industry names? James Hill (aka Jamebo) Landris Johnson (aka Landoe$) both make the group “TBB THE GAME” (TRUE BLOOD BROTHERS)

Where did the industry names come from?
The name TBB came from when we were kids growing up like blood brothers.
When we met Mr. Banks (the CEO), he wanted make us into a brand (TBB THE GAME).

Describe the neighborhood of the team?
It’s just like any other hood. People sold guns, fought and sold drugs. We try not to talk bad about our neighborhood, we just want to keep positive vibes .

When is the label making its imprint on the industry? Right now as we speak, Catalyst Music Group is playing a chess game with the industry for a grassroots promotion towards 2021!

What made y’all start doing industry things and when did you start as a company? Answer by CEO (BANKS) Growing up in Jamaica, it’s always been a hobby of mine because when your auntie work for a world-known label “Tough Gang Records” (Bob Marley), who wouldn’t want to be in the industry. 2 1/2 years ago, I started a Catalyst Music Group. I wanted to do it the old school way, so I set out to find the right artists and found a group for artist development.

Who were your greatest influences in the industry growing up and who influences the team now? (Banks) Reggae artist Shabba Ranks cause he was from my neighborhood and when I get to the states, I looked up to Uncle Luke, MC Hammer, Puff Daddy and Master P because of the way they started their businesses.
(Jamebo) Bankroll Fresh, Migos & Dame Dash!
(Landoe$) Greatest iinfluence, I wouldn’t say I have any, but I do enjoy Chief Keef & Migos. I payed attention to their campaigns in the early days.

What are the label’s greatest goal?
The label’s greatest goal is to keep on working with talented artists who wants a fair shot at the industry.

What’s to be expected of you in the future?
Great music, music videos & consistent content for the fans.

What big shows have you all had if any and have you ever opened up for any headliners, if so, who? We’ve had a couple big shows, one of the most packed was the 509 club in Daytona Beach opening up for Caskey.

What makes you all different from other artists? Our whole outlook on the game behind the music, we have a very unique sound, but also know that 95% is business and just 5% is music. Our business has to be right and in order for us to last a lifetime!

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