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(Lyric-) Video der Deutschrock / Punk Rock Truppe SOZIALES HETZWERK

German rock mixed with some punk rock and alternative. 

The record is also realized with many guest musicians from all over the world.

Abmischung: Dorian Quäl (Deutschland)

Drums: Bruno Melro (Portugal)
Alfonso Leal (Mexiko)
Farris Brooks (USA)
Jake Naugle (USA)

Piano: Rainer Jadischke (Süd-Afrika)

Mundharmonika: Hector Ruano (Venezuela)

Gitarre: Lukky Sparxx (Chile)

The name of your project is translated literally to “Social Rush” in English. How did you come up with the name? What does it mean to you? What do you hope your fans will get from the name’s meaning?

No, in German it is a play on words between disparage and network. For me, the name “social rush” means pure sarcasm, as we unfortunately experience it too often these days. Furthermore, the name is said to stand as a counterpoint to today’s fake generation. So, you do not necessarily have to express your opinion by force, but you can also look at the circumstances with a wink.

You have your first project coming out on May 1st. Tell us about it. How did it come together? What can fans expect from the music? Who performed on the album?

The fans can expect a varied German rock / punk and alternative record. Of course there is a bit of aggression, but there is also a lot of singing about memories and a lot of feeling on the record. I wrote / produced and recorded the record myself. But there were also a lot of guest musicians from all over the world (Chile, Venezuela, USA, Germany, Mexico, …) …… one can look forward to it.

3What is the main message of the new album SOZIALES HETZWERK?

I dedicate the album to all the people who have been doing it for half my life. I was mostly the outsider; the one you didn’t want to have in your band; the one who had to find himself for a long time. And today I know what I want; I do what I want (in life and musically); and don’t let any bad advisor tell me anything anymore. That’s why the basic message of the new album is very clear: do what you want and don’t be fooled.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you?

For me, music has to be loud, raw and unpolished. That makes music – and especially punk, German rock and metal – honest for me. I was never interested in musical excellence, because there are bands that maybe give 3 chords, but with their 3 chords they say more than some musicians who play about 3 million notes per second.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

Of course there are a lot of bands that I really like, but I never had idols. You emulate idols, but I never wanted and could never emulate anyone, because I am driven too much by my own ideas.

Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

I’ve been a huge KISS fan since childhood. I also like the Beatles, Onkelz, Journey, … so my taste in music is very diverse. And for me one of the best albums ever is from the TOY DOLLS “Absurd Ditties”

Do you think that being from Germany has helped or hindered your music career? Why?

My experience with my previous publications has shown that many are mostly interested in it – just not in their own country. My last project was mainly sold in Australia and Canada. The only thing that sold very well in this country was my book, which I published in 2017 (Jim Schatzmann – Nine Lives “.

Are there any plans for a music video? If so, which song? Any concepts for the video?

I’m still working flat out on this topic. A video of the song “Leise” is planned. But at the start of a video shoot I want to have a very good concept first – half things are not my thing.

Do you plan on touring to support the release? If so, where will you perform?

A tour is still further away than the release date. Since it is a pure studio album, in which only guest musicians were involved, I am only looking for suitable musicians in this country. The tour would start in German-speaking Europe first. You should always start small.

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