FEZAN – Artist of the Month (May 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Born in the 80”s, It started off in the early 90”s for me, around 1991 my older brother would come at me with some battle type rhymes and I always responded.
1992 at 12 years old wrote my first song.
1993/1994 at 13 made my own recording studio and put out my first single and E.p.
1995- Put out another single, an e.p called Last Dayz In Time. Put together my first group called Lucid. 3 rappers, 2 r&b singers 1995 . 1996-1999 just creating, recording experimenting with bigger studios, different artist & sounds. Also created my music crew called FEZAN PRODUCTIONS. 1999-2000 put out my first legit E.P, called Nuttin But Anthems. Over thousand copies made & sold out the trunk. 2001 put out Fezan The Big Investment L.P. 2002- Put out an L.P called Again-n-Again. Interned at Jive Zomba for the promotions department. Made new contacts with DJ’s and met with top 40 recording artist and producers like Jermain Depree, 50 cent, Guru & others.Transferred to L.A. Where I would work with Mark and Sylvia Smith. Very successful music producers and writers for Destiny’s Child & others.2002-2003 I went back to N.Y did my thing on the Apollo in Harlem. Came back home to Worcester Ma 2004. 2008-2010 Putting out another L.P The Conspherecy Album. Focusing a lot on getting the tracks out there again. I’m in this game 4 life. God Bless.

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