Rocc – Artist of the Month (June 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Derrick Brockington, 22, better known by his stage name Rocc or Roccwrld, is a songwriter, singer & rapper. Rocc uses his unique sound & melody in order to express a different type of view on pain. Coming from West Philadelphia, just like any other individual he has experienced tragedies in different ways. Although Philadelphia is a big music city & right now mainly known for it’s “drilll/trap” music, Rocc found a way to sound different & send a more positive message through his music. Rocc is very serious on his legacy once he’s gone, for example in his most recent song/visual released called “Prize” he stated “Only prize I want is the Noble peace, I want a legacy, you see my kids you know they me”. Rocc believe his purpose is to get a platform & use it to help lead by an example & change the view on what people think about the life and purpose of typical “rappers” & artists in the industry. Rocc is releasing his debut double-sided album titled “For The Heart, For The Soul” July 10th, 2020. In this album he addresses many issues such as loyalty, family, death, love, friendships & once again LEGACY. Rocc recently released his first single/visual from the album called “Prize”. Rocc visual can be viewed by all ages, it is creative, you’ll see for your self there’s no guns, drugs or any other negative promotion but instead a video full of creativity and you can tell he took his time planning everything out. Although his name is not yet ringing bells I know with the right exposure he can be the next big thing. His ear & sound is different and his album is going to be amazing.

(Prize prod. By Gibbo X CMThePlug)

(Overlooked Prod. By KushBeats)

(Fall ft. Alaina Williams Prod. By KushBeats)

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