Rating: 5 out of 5.

There is a CEO Theo “Mr. Network” Hall and a Vice President by the name of Dennis “DT” Turner that is determined to turn the tables on all non-talented music. They represent a new swag and are very unapologetic about it. Their label ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP (OFMG) is expected to establish great grounds for the remainder of 2020 and start charting quite high in 2021!

The company carries a diverse roster of artists that are sure to explode this label to unprecedented measures. There base core of music covers multiple genres like pop and rap, and once the world receives the global campaigning that’s pushing this machine, tours, impressive record sales and sold out venues are soon to follow! Because OFMG base is out of Seattle, Washington, technology will become a huge part of their campaign because Seattle is considered the technology capital with companies like Google headquartered there. If you are looking for that major label that works hard and produces hit after hit, our advice to you is to stay tuned a watch how these gentlemen capture the entire industry!!!


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