Interview with 2K PONCE JUNO

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What’s your full artist name?
2k Ponce Juno

Where did you get the name from?
The universe…I woke up one morning and Ponce Juno came to me like someone whispered it to me…

Where and how did you grow up?
I grew up in Park Hill, Staten Island, the projects. We was on welfare, my 7 brothers and sisters in a 3 bedroom apartment. A lot of no frills or no name brand everything, but I always had clean clothes and good grades..

What was your childhood like?
I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. My father wasnt around for me, but my mom re-married. My step-pops was cool, but he had an addiction that tore the family apart..

What made you start doing industry things and when did you start?
I always liked music, but wanted to only do music and nothing else. 4 years ago, Mys G, my manager heard some of my music and believed in me, now I’m here!

Who were your greatest influences in the industry growing up and who influences you now?
Jay Z and BeenieMan influenced my music growing up, wanting to be a boss my own life. BeenieMan is free spirited and good vibes. Jay Z is a successful competitive business man in music. I always wanted to combine the 2 different out looks for my life..

Who and what inspires you?
Now every new artists inspires me because it shows the world is in demand for music, so why not help contribute..

What are your greatest goals?
My goals is to make it on t.v. as an actor in a major movie, main/leading role. I always wanted to own the best night club in the state, whatever state its in..

What’s to be expected of you in the future?
In the future I’ll have more music, more videos. I’m not stopping anytime soon.

What big shows have you had if any and have you ever opened up for any headliners, if so, who?
I did America most blunted tour with MO THUGS out in California as my latest one, then covid 19 came..

What makes you different from other artists?
I’m a different artist because I’m truthful about my love for music. I do this for fun now. I’ve made money thru investing and hustle. Music is my retirement now..


Instagram: @2kponcejuno

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