Sofi Maeda – Artist of the Month (October 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sofi Maeda was born in Takamatsu, Japan. The alternative pop-punk starlet has been doing music seriously since 2016. She has released the album “You Know Me Well” in 2017 and has followed up with a series of successful singles. She has won singing as well as song contests, and has performed on the Red Square in Moscow, at the festival in Gorky Park, as well as concerts in Depo, Live Stars, San Diego, Glastonbury, Hinode Power Japan 2020, Woodstock Russia 2020 and many more. This year Sofi has dropped 3 singles so far, including “ASHITA”.

If you like Sofi Maeda then you should already have “ASHITA” on your playlist. If on the other hand you have never heard of her, and like artists who come to the mic with their own creative style then I recommend you give this a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised. This is Sofi’s most exiting, tuneful, and interesting track yet. Hard, soft, fast, slow, aggressive, empowering – it’s superb from start to finish!

Sofi Maeda Is The Superhero The Scene Truly Needs In 2020 – New Single “Ashita” Out Now!

With hundreds-upon-hundreds of thousands of hits, clicks, and views on the music that she’s been making since 2016, it was only ever a matter of time before international sensation Sofi Maeda went from the people’s chart-topping favorite artist into full-on superhero.  Back with an explosive dose of radiant melody & energetic vibes with the release of her brand-new single “Ashita,” Sofi dons the cape & mask to battle the bad guys in a comic-book come to a supersonic soundtrack of her very own design.

Officially released at the beginning of September this year, the video/single for Sofi’s “Ashita” is out & available worldwide now on all platforms online, already racking up a ton of support from viewers and listeners around the globe.  An all-out stunning adventure in sight & sound, Maeda once again confirms her star-quality and stellar songwriting connects powerfully to the people as she surges with supremely melodic vocals & massive hooks that are sure to guarantee Sofi another giant hit in her growing catalog.  “Ashita” has the sweetness, sincerity, & passionate performance listeners crave through their speakers – and combined with the cinematic experience created to visually enhance her single onscreen, where she bravely takes on the starring role to restore peace & harmony throughout the city – Sofi is unstoppable.

Was it all only a dream?  Did she really fight crime overnight while she slept?  Or was Maeda really out in full force to restore justice – complete with a spectacular light-saber duel with the end-level boss – and entertain fans of all ages with an amazing new song in the process?  There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s to experience the magic & melody of Sofi Maeda’s wild new single “Ashita” for yourself!  Join her as she climbs straight back up to the top of the charts where she belongs in 2020 with “Ashita” & continues to turn her dreams into reality as a genuine superhero of your screens & speakers this year.

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