Rating: 5 out of 5.

TILLI once again nailed a mark in the music industry with her new banger “Tombstone”, this song should be in a movie. It’s magical and giving a deep message about life. Check the song out” Tombstone”. The song was inspired by a lucid dream TILLI said, it was about the nature of time and space within a human life. It’s not always easy being a human. She said many of her songs come from the land of dreams like 26 FL. that she recorded with Dave Grohl. TILLI told Dave about the dream in the elevator and the lyrics that came from it, he started laughing and said let’s record it!

Song: Tombstone
Singer/Songwriter/Composer: TILLI
Produced by: Alain Johannes
Additional Production: Scott MacPherson

I.G. @tillimusics

Website: www.tillimusics.com

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