Mahoggany Blu – “Redemption” feat G Dark

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mahoggany Blu is one of the greatest among them. Her latest hip hop single ‘Fall Back’ is already creating a major buzz among hip hop fanatics. The song represents the bold character of the artist which eminent through the song and the music video as well. The digital music is perfectly balanced with her rhythmic flow and eclectic delivery which gradually grows the hypnotic soundscape. The song is about being Boujee rich and getting spoiled by her partner. Her appearance is strong and this California female hip hop artist Mahoggany Blu continues to hold the ground until she is done or the song ends. Her confidence and presence reflect throughout the song like a mirror in the Sun. Angie Mad It does a great job in featuring in this song with a short but impactful.

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