Upcoming Kharkiv Techno Musician Daniel Daraban Has Come Up With His Latest Single ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’

Get a stellar dose of techno music with Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban and his ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’. It is one of the greatest contributions by him.

Get through an infectious techno soundscape with the latest single ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ by none other than Daniel Daraban. This music artist has done a magnificent job in crafting this track which is sprawling through the playlists of techno lovers and all kinds of music artists. I like the musical concept of the track as it takes me on a stellar journey of mysterious techno music. The track keeps evolving with each immersive moment and beat-drop, making it sound more dynamic and invigorating to me. I like the usage of heavy bass waves, powerful pads, and hefty beats which add more weight and depth to it. The artist has successfully taken to on a roller coaster of emotions through its dicey digital soundscape.

This uber-talented Kharkiv techno musician is capable of evoking the inner emotions of the listeners with his musical creativity. Hailing from Ukraine, this artist has released multiple singles before like, ‘Glimmering(Original Mix)’, ‘Hunch(Original Mix)’, ‘Augury(Original Mix)’, etc to name some. I like each of the tracks for its finely calibrated musical arrangement and high-octane production. The latest single ‘Conundrum(Original Mix)’ also provides similar vibes and intensity. Follow Daniel Daraban DWRR over SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know more about his upcoming music.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Daniel Daraba on Soundcloud:

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