Let There Be Darkness Brings On a Serious Musical Experiment with Their New Set of Songs

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The uprising Los Angeles based music band Let There Be Darkness has presented desirable hooks and raging word flow in the new songs with a mysterious ambiguity.

The new Los Angeles based music band Let There Be Darkness lurks from the darkness with a bright dent in the music industry. The iconic rock band has been opening new possibilities with rock music for the last few decades. They are influenced by the wilderness hidden beneath the human skin and present the recklessness of the silently morbid souls through the yawps in their songs. They have presented the doomed reality with the brutal verses in the popular track ‘Bleeding Black’. They bring you back from the self-loathe tortures with the cynical remarks for the society that only invests to polarize people. The blurring crunks are my favorite part of this new track on Soundcloud. I like their artistic aura that preaches with negativity but eventually, that cleanses every murky taint on your mind with their refreshing jinks.

 Let There Be Darkness grows on dark souls who love gothic vibes infused with electrifying tunes of rock music. When you lose control, you rip apart everything good in your vicinity. The unique music group influences the community of broken hearts and wrecked dignity and invigorates strengths in their system with stone-cold rock songs. With the gothic verses in the song ‘Eat My Cult’, I feel like my blood runs still. The provocative wordplay with syncopated and haunted synergy gave me chills. Follow the emerging vocalist and lyricist of the band, Charles Richburg on the official website, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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