Kelsie Kimberlin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi Kelsie, tell us about you and your music…

I am a singer who has been involved with music my entire life. I bring a great deal of depth and perspective to my music due to my international heritage and longstanding involvement in social issues. I have traveled extensively to most of the 50 states and across Europe and Asia. Since childhood, I have spent summers in Ukraine where my mother was born, and I saw firsthand the suffering caused by war. I have spent thousands of hours in the studio recording an endless number of songs, and I am starting to share them.

Right now, the world is going through cataclysmic and historic changes that are affecting every person on the planet. How we respond to them will determine the fate of life on earth for future generations. I want to use my music to shine light on some of these issues and give people hope that together we can unite in our humanity for the common good. So my first releases will be provocative as well as entertaining, and next year, I will release a broader repertoire touching on many other subjects. In the meantime, I will leave you with the words of a song I wrote ten years ago called ‘Blue Balloon.’ –“I can see a beautiful world from my blue balloon. There is no fighting on the ground from my blue balloon.’” Stay tuned, Kelsie.

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