Interview w/ Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When and why did you know you wanted to be involved in music?

Chauncey: I was always the guy everyone trusted with the music at the house party. It was natural for me to become a dj. Almost twenty years later it was about time I am the one making the music.

Van: When I was 3. I saw Tom Jones on TV and pointed. Then I started moving around the living room like him. My mother’s words; ”Look at that sexy toddler- we’re in trouble”

What draws you both to disco?

C: Disco is smart and funny and sexy. It is the soundtrack to hedonism with a primitive backbone. It is basically life itself.

V: It was created by underdogs; black, latin and gay… It was conceived to escape the daily miseries of rejections. I just relate to that. I was rejected and bullied myself in an era where social awareness wasn’t in fashion. I escaped in disco- then created my own.

Who wrote the lyrics to ”The Delight”?

C: I had a very inspirational day participating in an artful anti-violence protest on Fire Island. The lyrics were birthed from that magical experience.

V: That may be- but I came up with the genius ”Lalala lalalala” line which of course makes the song. I brought C’s poem to a whole new level, really.

Who produced it?

C: A wizard by the name of Eryck. He is a genius. And Van- I suppose I should mention him too but he does very little.

V: The magical Eryck Wyseman and I produced the track in Montreal where we have our studios. We own a small record label together. I love him to death. Best associate EVER!

When do we finally see you guys perform together, where?

C: We will be making the rounds at some of NYC’s funkiest stages from The East Village’s Femme Party at Club Cumming, to the brand new Q in Hell’s Kitchen and of course the legendary Stonewall Inn where we met for the first time.

V: Chauncey knows our schedule better than I do but we are doing ”Femmes” in NYC on Spetember 2nd- and I am THRILLED !!!

What is it like backstage- with one another?

C: I’m always frantically nervous and feeling comedically underprepared. I don’t perform as much as Van so while he is calm, collected and sparkling with style and sophistication, I’m the monster. Fortunately, that’s how I thrive as a performer.

V: I am quiet. Chauncey throws a tantrum — never directed towards me. I keep brushing my perfectly penciled-in mustache as he calms down. Then we both have a moment of brotherhood and we’re off.

How did you guys become friends?

C: The real question is ‘when?’. I sometimes feel like I’ve known him a thousand years, but we’re only in our twenties so that’s impossible.

V: Are we?? Kidding kidding! I said it before- it took 2 minutes. Some friendships are instantaneous.

How often do you guys text each other?

C: Daily. We have just been in one long conversation since we became friends. Our correspondences are often hysterical, but we certainly have moments of deepness.

V: Many times a day!

Tell us one funny fact about the other…

C: Van is a virgin.

V: I can’t stare at him in the eye onstage. I don’t know what it is. I just burst. He looks at me like we’ve both escaped from a mental institution and I can’t not laugh. So I just avoid his eyes. Also- he would love it if I were a virgin, wouldn’t he?

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