KI Back At It

Rating: 5 out of 5.

On his 9th studio album, and second full length of 2021, Ki Back at It has just let loose another collection of killer songs, Rookie and a Veteran.
New Jersey native rapper/producer Ki Back at it, has been nothing but sincerely consistent over the course of his music career so far. After creating his own label in 2020 called Jersey We Lit Records, he’s been on the path to teach and mentor those looking to make music their full time business. On his latest record Rookie and a Veteran, this artist has done it once again and completely impressed us on each and every track.
Featuring a ton of collaborators on the record such as CHOOSE QUALITY, NZG King Moe, and C.R.E.A.M., this album hits in ways that were seemingly unimaginable. Coming in at 10 songs, spanning just around 23 minutes in total run time, this musician has put together a tight and succinct listen that doesn’t overstay its welcome in the slightest. While the songs are relatively short in length, each and every one packs a massive punch and gets right to the point. You’re not going to experience any pointless filler, just a genuine record that’s filled with love and passion.
There’s no possible way we could get through this review without mentioning the high quality production. Every single track was mixed and mastered to complete perfection and in our opinion, would definitely be best listened to on a nice set of headphones as to not miss out on any key moments. Considering his massive discography that we’ve had the pleasure of perusing while getting ready for this release, you can audibly hear the improvements from album to album. As one continues to make music, there’s always a learning curve they have to get over, however we feel that this artist is hitting his stride in a big way.
With all that being said though, we can’t help but point you in the direction of the important links below where you can listen and follow along for everything Ki Back at It. We have a sneaking suspicion that even bigger things are on the way, so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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