Cesar Belifonte

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rapper Michael Cesar Belifonte Hollin does what he does best which is rip through heart-pounding beats but the question is what drives him?
Determination I guess if you can describe it in one word.
Dedicated to stealing the show rapper Cesar Belifonte has released 7 projects and dropped 20+ singles in 2021 alone proving his worthiness to hang with some of the top dogs.
Speaking of tops some of the top dogs, the west coast rapper Born in San Francisco, often pays homage to his idols of hip-hop listing to music from the likes of the late 2 Pac, Nipsey Hussle, E-40, Phlity Rich, Mista F.A.B, Sauce Walker, Lil Boosie, Moe3 and few others.
“I relate to what’s real” the rapper states in his interview.
“The thing about me and my music” the rapper elaborates “is that you will get to know me through these beats. The highs, the lows, these songs are real mane. These heartbreaks are real, the lust is real, the loyalty is fake, and this is my real life! I’ve been through so much so why makeup content you feel me?
My music is who I am and it’s my dairy. I’ve seen it all I feel like so why not share it with the world over a beat? I think people gravitate to what they can relate to and they definitely can relate to me for sure!”
Before I go let me give a special shout out to my Best Homeboy in the world Timothy Collins Jr. Aka Gutta Tarantino my director,
He also picks out my hit records for me.
Follow him on YouTube by the way, also Shout out to my guy Kutthroat with 42Mafia who has projects coming soon,
Tameika Howell my marketing manager and new artist look her up under MissMi3ka,
Shout out to my beautiful Moms and Pops, #FreeMyBigBrother Midnight Oscar Hollin from the Valley!
Shout out to the entire Bay Area mane, one love Los Angeles, the Dirty South I rocks with yall, East Coast I’ll be there soon, and don’t nobody get it popping like the Midwest!
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