Lvndxnisdevd – Artist of the Month (November 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lvndxnisdevd is the self given stage name of Landon Bissett. Lvndxnisdevd is a Singer/Songwriter and Internet Personality. He was born in October, 1992 and resides in Reno, NV in the United States. His last name derives from the Scottish language and he is White/Caucasian and a quarter or so Filipino. He actually is a direct descendant of the royal monarchy from the Filipino Islands. Indicating that depending on who the perspective is cast – that more or less makes him a prince, no? More than the English Monarchy prince-duo seem to be, that is quite likely. Nevertheless, he has easily traced with just a few generations to royal bloodlines and blood runs deep and it is embedded deep within his roots. He is best known for his large social media following, mainly Instagram and from his music and photography. Needing only a few weeks to get his SoundCloud verified which has amassed millions and millions upon millions of multitudes of streams in such a short amount of time and is under the eye of the industry and of his not so fellow peers. His music he has released is known to range from Aggressive Rap, freestyles, spoken-word, singing and advanced fry screaming to his earlier works and songs released under Landon Bissett and a few other stage name/nicknames, such works as “the Skeptic” that is very much the musical embodiment of a post-hardcore/metalcore/screamo from the early 2000’s.

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