G-Daddy-Da, Bo$$King – Let Mea $ee Ya Jigg

Rating: 5 out of 5.

(My name is Alonzo L.Scott(B.K.A)$outh Fla, Fine$t(G-Daddy-Da, Bo$$King)The Legend (&)I’m 48 years old wheelchair-bound from birth I’m from west palm beach Fla. But I was raised up in Riviera Beach Fla. But now I live in Belle Glade Fla,(I have been Rappin & doing music my whole entire life just know that music is truly my passion and yes 1Billlion%I’m very serious about my music career plus I.am a true freestyle King in the wheelchair but I truly don’t call it a wheelchair it’s my throne that God got me sitting up on also I don’t write nothing I’m like Nike I just do it.(Straight Factz)(You can find me on Facebook search for=(Alonzo L.Scott)also I’m on instagram=(mrguccimazeratti72)you can search for me on Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music etc. under=($outh Fla, Fine$t(G-Daddy-Da, Bo$$King)The Legend)& you will find all of my music.

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