The Exceptional Singer Arkadian is going to Release the Video of his Popular Track ‘Heart of a Lion’ Soon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Exceptional Singer Arkadian is going to Release the Video of his Popular Track ‘Heart of a Lion’ Soon

New York rapper Arkadian is back with some gripping verses in his song ‘Heart of a Lion’ well-incorporated with peppy tunes and his execution of the song is heavenly.

The singer and songwriter Arkadian is back with another compelling number that has an incredibly diversifying effect. And the song ‘Heart of a Lion’ has already one of the popular numbers. And he will be releasing the video of this engaging number by the end of March 2022. Born as Lamar Vanterpool, he is widely known for his extremely well-maintained forms of his craft. Residing from The Bronx, he has been cultivating his musical forms and sharpening them with time and dedication. His very famous debut song was ‘Bounce’ was released in two versions ‘Radio edit version’ and ‘Mastered version’. The expressive nature of this number was one of the key ingredients of his music formation, and this is extremely consuming to witness. 

The New York rapper has collaborated with Abhi the Nomad for the song ‘Somebody to love’ which also became popular. Being just three songs old his musical forms are extremely mature and eccentric. Arkadian was widely popular for his debut song from Brooklyn to Staten Islands, his had his fan followings, when he came back with another exquisite number a few weeks back he was welcomed with same warmth for his song ‘Heart of a Lion’. And the song has already received a big amount of streams on major music streaming platforms, and the video will receive the same welcome. You can find his complete work on his website named ‘Life of Arkadian’. You can also find him on YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Listen to this song ‘Heart of a Lion’ by Arkadian

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