Kaiju-X – All The Time In The World

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With a larger than life magnetic personality, it’s no wonder Kaiju-X is taking the global stage by storm sure to be the next industry-heavy hitter. With his hypnotic stage presence and hardcore fast-spitting lyrics, he has garnered major attention.

Kaiju-X is leveling up in 2022 and commercial domination is his goal. With Power Plant productions as his home studio, his gift for candid lyrics and chameleonic flows is unmatched. One minute, he’s warbling his way through a song’s bridge before hitting the boosters and unleashing a downhill sprint of a verse, making each song feel like a varied and dynamic world unto itself. 

His current powerhouse track is “All The Time In The World” produced by the legendary “RZA” from Wu-Tang also featuring Cultcha Shoc, Killarmy, Ghostface Killa, Beretta 9, Ov3R LOrd, Spookahuna, and Amen Raw.

Kaiju-X is on fire his plate is more than full. Some of his upcoming projects are a collaboration with K. Davis The Hitman and Ice Cube, a reality tv series, a single in an upcoming movie K. Davis is in and he joined the Up In Smoke Tour.. Look for him on:


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