Isabel Marcheselli – Artist of the Month (July 2022)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The incredible sense of melody, the sweetness of the voice, the refinement and the elegance of the arrangements make Isabel’s music a continuous flow of dreams and caresses. All embellished by the beautiful drumming of Alec Menge, expressive, dynamic that leads the listener to touch heaven.

(Tim Brown)


Isabel Marcheselli is a singer, songwriter, pianist and multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of the band, Isabel and The Whispers, a dynamic musical duo founded by Isabel and talented drummer, Alec Menge.
A gifted singer, songwriter, poet, and wordsmith as well as a versatile musician originally from New York, Isabel has musically crossed so many genres and her eclectic scope of music continues to evolve and defy easy categorization. While she was trained as a classical musician, she can just as easily create music in mass-appealing genres such as pop and dance. Whether she performs solo concerts or hits the stage with Isabel and The Whispers, Isabel can put her audience under a spell with her pure, heartfelt vocals and ambient piano music full of melody.

Isabel is excited to announce that she is working on new releases, including a new album, soon.

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