Intelligent Diva – Artist of the Month (September 2022)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

intelligent Diva is singer, songwriter, lyricist, actress, model, entrepreneur, and producer from Jacksonville, Florida.  She’s a multi-genre music artist who doesn’t want to be kept inside of a box. Intelligent Diva, believes in diversity and wants her music to showcase that. The artist has both written, produced music across genres such as pop, hip-hop, R&B, urban Latin, contemporary gospel, and gospel rap.   Intelligent Diva, born has Chincia K. grew up singing in church choir and chorus which later on resulted in her performing as a background singer over in Dexheim Germany.  The artist showcases her range in writing skills in her music by performing her own leads and background vocals. 

The artist is the owner of two record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. She has her own music publishing company Intelligent Diva. She has launched her own merchandise store IDM Merch Boutique, where she has her own NFT Collection with physical online merchandise. The artist is building her own music metaverse, with her own virtual city which includes her own virtual stage, which will be a place where she will hold her own performances, tours, contest, music videos, fashion shows. She will build the platform as a place for other independent artist to also appear on the show.  

Intelligent Diva has released 23 singles 1EP, and 1 album. The artist has had 13 of these singles to chart. The music artist has released 3 number 1 singles which are No Justice, Sex to Sax and Baby I Love You which were #1 on separate charts for multiple weeks. Her first number 1 single was No Justice on the IRMIX Top 20 Countdown. Her second number 1 single was Sex to a Sax which landed the #1 position in the US on the World Indie Chart and was #2 on the Top 200 Euro Indie Chart. Sex to a Sax was also considered for a Grammy in 2021. Not Making Love peaked at # 2 on the Euro Indie Chart. In My Feelings landed on the annual Top 20 World Radio Chart as the Most Streamed Song in the US by an independent artist. The artist was featured on the Truth or Dare Remix with Icy Land, Adrian Swish and Sean Kingston which landed at #10 on the I Tunes Chart in Austria. Also Get with You which features Icy Lando, Kellie Kel, and Sean Kingston .

This year in 2022, the artist has 4 singles, and all singles have charted. Her major accomplishments happened this year where the single Sinner’s Prayer hit #21, Baby I Love You #1 for two consecutive and User hit #4 which hit the Billboard Airplay Charts powered by BDS in the categories of Internet Gospel and Mainstream R&B and Hip Hop. Her music ep recently released is “Stop Calling Me, features the lead single “Stop Single which is her first rock single is currently #15 on the Rock Airplay Chart. The artist Intelligent Diva also manages music artist where her artist Paul Askew also has hit Billboard landed at #1, with his first single Save Me. 

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