Nathan Blizzy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nathan Blizzy, best known under his stage name Nate Blizzy, is a versatile singer-songwriter
who was born in Taiwan, and currently resides in New York City. He has recently teamed-up
with producer BLU Rhino from NY, with the pair sharing a common vision towards creating a genre-stretching exciting, and eclectic sound.
He is mostly known for the singles “Stripper Music No.2,” “Stripper Music,” “Flames,” “If You Were My Girl,” “No Worries,” and “Lost With You.”
With tens of thousands of listeners and hundreds of thousands of plays, Nate Blizzy’s music is rapidly gaining the recognition it deserves, and 2023 is set to exponentially further his reach and exposure, as he gears up with a multitude of new projects to be soon shared with his large community of followers.

Instagram: @real_nate_blizzy

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