The Flat Nasty – Take It That Way

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Flat Nasty arrived in 2020 with its promising debut single “Not Every Day’s a Country Song,” which tips its hat to the long history of sad songs in the genre. On its second single, “The Worst Things Get,” TFN showcased its more rollicking side with a COVID-era anthem about embracing life in the face of disaster. Its latest release, “Take It That Way,” with its foot-stomping beat, thumping bass, funk-infused guitars, soaring vocals from Clayton Jones, and a string arrangement by Grammy-nominated Drew Jurecka (for Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”), promises to be the pop-country jam of the year.

The Flat Nasty grew out of a songwriting and production partnership between Mark W. Hornburg and Doug Jervey, who’ve been joined by musicians Lucas Villalobos, Stefan Chippeaux, Devon Miller, Lee Weingartner, and Gabe Horn, and vocalists Clayton Jones, Logan Winkles, and Amber Michel. TFN promises to make a splash with upcoming releases including the irresistable earworm “Your Honky Tonk Needs You” and the sultry ballad “You Do You.”

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