Beat the Summer Heat with the Delicious DUB-FUNK Anthem ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’ by Nevada Music Producer KingZiLLa

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The talented Nevada Music Producer KingZiLLacomes together with BRO.BLAKE to create the ambitious musical gem ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’. 

Concocting a melody that screams “FUN” from the very outset with a unique funky intro, AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE showcases the very best of the musical prodigy KingZiLLa as he collaborates with BRO.BLAKE. Inspired by legends like Parliament Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince, among others, the talented drummer/producer/songwriter brings in a wave of innovative exploration from his creative genius with the song, as it deftly uplifts and rejuvenates the listeners and puts them into a spell of energetic groove. The track unleashes a colorful burst of tropical flavors and has an intrinsic sensual appeal that gets the listeners hooked to its beats involuntarily and instantaneously.  

The melody flows seamlessly, rife with confidence and retro stylings that bring together elements of hip-hop, soul-pop, and electro-funk into this avant-garde genre of DUB-FUNK, dishing out a masterpiece of bold, catchy hooks with crisp meandering vocals. While the song exhibits an unfiltered drive throughout, it keeps the audience hooked with its unpredictable twists and turns and an eclectic middle-8 that comes with an immersive rap outpour standing tall on the strength of the songwriting. As each verse unfolds, the Nevada Music Producershows a dexterity that can only be the outcome of an innate musical mind and the genre itself provides him a wide playground to develop music ideals. 

‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE’ turns out to be an unrivaled gem of KingZiLLa, while previous tracks like ‘MY KALLING’ and ‘OVER THE BRIDGE’ lay the foundation for a golden musical repertoire. Check out these amazing music pieces on SoundCloud. Hop into Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for more of his creations. Visit his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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