RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Is About To Announce A Reunion Tour

There is a lot of activity happening within the Rage Against The Machine camp leading to rampant speculation that the band is about to announce a reunion tour — including giant posters that have appeared throughout Los Angeles directing people to a website called “Prophets of Rage”. The site has actually crashed multiple times due to the amount of traffic it’s currently getting.

Photo Courtesy: Flippen Music
Photo Courtesy: Flippen Music

When you visit the website, there’s a countdown clock that runs out on June 1st and a sign up box for email updates. Fueling the fire even more, once you provide the website with your email you receive a message saying “Clear the way for the Prophets of Rage. The party’s over summer 2016.”

As if that isn’t enough to make us completely lose our minds over the very real possibility that one of the most iconic bands of all time is making a comeback — this happened:


A cryptic message posted to the Rage Against The Machine fan account that is backed by the band and has made major announcements for them in the past.

Fans are pointing out that ‘Prophets of Rage’ is a public enemy track, which makes it very interesting that Chuck D has been tweeting live videos of Rage Against The Machine recently.


In 2016, we have learned to never say never. After years of being apart, it looks like there is just too much happening in the world for Rage Against The Machine to stay silent any longer. We are working to gather more details about this announcement.