The Artist Anita Hager Releases Five New amazing Singles!

Anita Hager Releases Five New Singlesf

Anita Hager,an artist hailing from Norway, is preparing to release five new songs: ‘ABC Song,’ ‘You Are A Unicorn,’ ‘You’re Beautiful,’ ‘To The Moon And Back Again,’ and ‘Blast Off.’ The lovely new tracks correspond with different elements of Hager’s life that she’s passionate about – most notably, her books
and family.

‘You’re Beautiful’and ‘You Are A Unicorn’ are songs set to Hager’s new children’s book, ‘Luke – The Horse Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn.’ The book tells the tale of Luke, a self-conscious horse who wants one thing: to look like a beautiful, majestic unicorn. The book teaches a vital life lesson: to be comfortable and confident in one’s own skin. As sung in one of the new songs, “you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

The stunning new tracks pair perfectly with ‘Luke –
The Horse Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn.’ In their simplicity, listeners will find infectious choruses and empowering lyricism elegantly designed to inspire young listeners and readers.

‘ABC Song’is designed to match Hager’s other new book, ‘ABC With Positive Words.’ The book advises that “words are powerful. They carry authority and guard your life. Therefore, it is vitally important for us to hear positive words every day.”In the beautifully illustrated book, the author combines a children’s vocabulary book with a collection of positive words that parents can use as important reminders.

Hager is a multi-faceted artist. She isn’t just a songwriter, performer, and author. She’s a painter, a business manager by trade, and above all, a loving

mother and wife. Hager has a full house between her two children, husband and four cats, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her family means the world to her, and that love for family is infused deeply within both her musical and literary endeavors.


‘To The Moon And Back Again’is another gorgeous acoustic-led tune, one that Hager penned as a love song to her husband. “My heart belongs to you until the end of time,”the ballad declares. ‘Blast Off’ then adds music to Hager’s mission to go search for her dream and never be held back – a lesson for listeners young and old.

Hager’s art in all of its forms can be found on her website, where visitors can grab a free samples of her books and listen to her music. Hager maintains an active blog, and her books can be bought as audiobook experiences as well. Hager is also penning a new story, ‘Rocky – The Cat Who Wanted to Be a Boxer.’

Anita Hager is a passionate artist with an ambitious palette of upcoming projects worth keeping tabs on. Keep updated at her website below!

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