ccbHerxHeimer, in general make amazing and beautiful music, whether you’re a rap fan or not. Each beat is beautifully unique and will for sure have your head bobbing. Lyrics are also on point as they continue to adapt their style while still keeping their poetic ability.

Tito’s Too Strong never sounded better; the flow is confident and articulate. It’s blunt and expresses emotions that other songs can only dance around.
With impeccable rhyme skills HerxHeimer creates a beautiful masterpiece that is backed by a stripped-down and bass driven soundscape. HerxHeimer has an unbelievable ability to break the rules of production in hip-hop and deliver an outstanding piece of work.

This is hip-hop at its finest, a poetic display of true feelings and emotions spit skillfully over a divine beat and an amazing production.

Tounges – Just Because there’s a goalie – Cab Fare combines unparalleled depth with an almost Electronic Hip pop accessibility and a great sound.

The meaningful and well-delivered rhymes over a polished yet textured beat on “Keep Pushing” will stand up to repeated listening. This is an amazing project well-positioned to achieve widespread recognition!