Claire Audrin – TØP MASH UP – Heathens/Stressed out/Ride (NO INSTRUMENTS)

10930031_988270934533567_4908922785015495809_nBorn on May 20, 1987, in Rome, Italy. She’s always had a big passion for music.

When she was young, she studied piano for 4 years. Then she started to play acoustic guitar just learning by herself.

When she was 14, she wrote her first song for an unrequited love and she realized the importance of writing song as a safety valve.

When she was 22, she took part in a musical duo (A&K), opening some important italian artists stages. The duo broke up 2 years later but she kept on writing songs and she starts to sing and play alone.

She opened her YouTube channel, uploading live cover videos and some original songs. She realized her first Ep “Yell oh Claire” thanks to crowdfunding.


Then she started to upload particular cover videos, using sound of objects of everyday life, without any real instruments and she realized an important featuring with Michele Bravi (famous italian singer) and the international artist Alvaro Soler, singing “Sofia”, one of the hits of summer 2016.

In the meanwhile, she realized a LP with her artistic producer and she played live everywhere: locals, bars, restaurants but, first of all, street.

Musical influences: Hanson, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, Lorde, Halsey, Taylor Swift.







Snapchat: claireaudrin