Cinesamples introduce World Series: Viola da Gamba

Cinesamples is proud to introduce World Series: Viola da Gamba – the first sample library of its kind and the third release in their lauded World Series. 
Recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, the Viola da Gamba sample library captures the expressiveness and unique tone of the 15th century precursor to the cello that was popularized in the Renaissance. 
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cinesamples-viola-da-gamba-feat-326x235“Even though it looks similar to a cello, the tone of the Viola da Gamba is far more textured than your average stringed instrument,” says Tim Starnes, Cinesamples general manager and audio director. The Viola da Gamba owes it’s unique sound to its 6 gut strings and frets made from movable, tied-on gut, similar to early guitars and lutes. 
qyd6oy8jbhfpr71qjkx4rqsoyhcThe Viola da Gamba has experienced a resurgence in popularity in media scores in the last several years, appearing in the music of Game of Thrones 
and Vikings. Starnes attributes the instrument’s otherworldly tone 
and versatility for its recent demand, “the Viola da Gamba does remarkable job of transporting the listener to another time and place.”
vdg-articulations-guiThe Cinesamples Viola da Gamba sample library allows composers to take advantage of both the expressive, melodic style of the Viola da Gamba 
and the textured, otherworldly tone that composers seek to set 
their scores apart. The Cinesamples Viola da Gamba library
boasts deep-sampled legato, sustains, and short articulations such as staccato, pizzicato, and sforzando and several patches that allow composers to create bow-synced drones unique to the Viola da Gamba that are particularly useful for media scoring.