Francois Reinke

We travel through the Life and past all this secret moments. Seen cloudy day´s sunny moments and happy people around me. Till I fly is a honor of all these capsule moments cause we have only 1 Life to fill with Love Family and all happy moments to share.

response to yourself create your own Universe..
believe in miracles and wonder,
dream about and fly over the sky..

Till I Fly is a dream a Music to fly with enjoy the heavenly Song by Francois Reinke.

I describe myself my Soul Life in my New Release comes out 2020´a little sneak preview of “TILL I FLY” by Francois Reinke. A Songwriter project a Rap Ballade to say World here I am and I will Rap till I fly. Higher and Higher ..because Music is my Life and I will share a part of it with you.

Interview by MUSIC TRAILS

Introducing up-and-coming rapper, Francois Reinke, to the Music Trails list of artists you should look out for! His single “Bartender” is smooth, nothing short from real, and shows his hustle to make his dreams become a reality. Read as we discuss his music, influences, and future plans with his music!


Thanks for sharing “Bartender” with us. What’s the story behind it?

“Bartender” is a story about a situation we have all in life. We go to work every day to the same circus. I talk about my life, my visions, my problems while telling stories about my pain, my problems, my dreams and my goals. Here I create a version of Soulfood Genre mixed with vibrance HipHop character.

What makes your music unique? And how would you describe it?

My Vision is for everyone to hear my music. I´m a unique artist and my impressions comes from Artists like Prince, Jay-Z and David Bowie. I sing and rap about problems we all have in life but no one is telling stories about. What makes my music unique? I think its the character, the deep lyrics, the symphonic voice. I´ve got so many positive feedback around the world and especially people who never heard HipHop or my music before.

Catch us up with your life! Are you currently working on any special projects?

I´m a model and artist. If I don’t write songs, I’m working for clients like MAGGIE, Mercedes Benz and look good on runways 🙂 I love what I´m doing and working now on my next new releases: 3 Singles and 1 Album. I travel a lot for photography, magazines and myself. Now in 2020, I´m ready to talk about it and show the world my talent.

Which is the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

I was around 12 years old, a young boy, and performed with my ex-girlfriend and my neighbor a very nice song (Dj Bobo – Pray) infront of 250 People. It was the beginning for me to realize here I am, this is my spot! At 21 years old, someone offered me a record label contract but I was shy and young and declined the offer. I´m really proud of my projects and ready to get heard.

How is your creative process when recording music? And what makes a good recording session?

I´m a workaholic sometimes I’m sitting 12 hours/day to record and write my songs and projects. I need 12 min. to write a song or I work till 3 months on 1 Song. A good record session should be visionary: what you wanna say with this song? What you telling the listeners? I´m Real.

What do you hope your listeners will take away from listening to your music?

Hopefully the energy, the vibrance and a part of Francois Reinke a part of me.

Do you go to one specific place when you start writing your music? How important is the location where you write your lyrics for you?

In the subway, in my kitchen with my morning coffee 🙂 you know if the muse kiss you all places are holy. I need my moments and sometimes I get my inspirations from peoples around me. Daily is the key for new inspirations, we are ruler of our own universe. I will elevate this moment. Typical Storyteller.

What are your goals for 2020?

In 2020 I will drop more good albums and singles, and keep getting better in my music. Reach more fans & collaborations with artists in different genres. Planning an album with Indie Rock music and an EP like Chris Brown Style. Very R´n´B, Sam Smith, Normani #mood. Love it.

What advice would you give other artists who are struggling to make time for one or more interest?

Never give up!
Believe in your talents in good and hard times!
Never forget where you come from and don´t give a shit to others. Many people hated me got bad messages in Instagram bulling me since I was a little boy. But I believe in my powers and I´m a strong person with my music and my talents. I’ll show everyone who I am and I am straight on my way.

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