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Sinan from Netherlands. Originally from Turkey.

Interview by Tim Brown

Hi Sinan tell us something about you, about your music and your experience

I’v been making music since I was 14. I was known under the name FoX. But given a long break after my 18th (sold my mic and everything, which I regretted later on hehe). Now I’m back to music-making. And with music, I mean Rap and Hip-hop. After I got back to making music I had the artist name Cüda (It’s Turkish). It’s Turkish because I started with Turkish rap. And later on, I developed myself in American Hip-hop. Now I’m just using my name Sinan as my artist name. Which I will be using from now on. My inspiration comes from the 90s. When hip-hop was at its peak. Also known as the golden age of hip-hop. Inspiration I get from are artists like DAS EFX, WARREN G, OUTCAST, CYPRESS HILL, SHYHEIM, and many more old school hip-hop artists. I also used to make reggae music. You can find them on my youtube channel. But now I’m more focused on Rap/Hip-hop (old school/underground), back to my own genre. I never had the intention to make my music known to the public. I used to share my music on hip-hop forums (the good old days). But now I have my own channel. And I get views here and there. Hopefully, I can improve my hip-hop career and work on nice projects. And maybe with others in the future. Who knows.
Sinan Ft Stephie Luné – See the reality

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