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Emerald AKA Emmy’Anna is a young female artist out of Alabama. She currently is not listed under any specific genre of music and does not like to think of herself as a “rapper”, but a musician. Emmy’Anna states that she has been in love with music since she came out of her mother’s womb. She also states that she started singing when she started talking. She started writing songs when she was only 8 years of age with ‪Beyonce‬ being one of her favorite artists at the time. When Emmy’Anna was 13 years old, she started getting into Hip-Hop. She says she and another classmate would sit in class and write raps, and spit them during class breaks in front of the rest of the school. Emmy’Anna has participated in many Talent Shows. She participated in her first talent show in third grade at Edgewood Elementary, another one in 5th grade at Edgewood Elementary in which she won first place singing and portraying as the late ‪Mahalia Jackson‬. Emmy’Anna was also asked to sing for a black history month program in sixth grade in front of the whole school at School of Discovery. Later, Emmy’Anna participated in a school talent show during her senior year of high school at Houston County High and won first place there as well singing TLC’s “No Scrubs”, and for the second round she song “All I could do was Cry” by ‪Etta James‬ in Acapella, and this blew the judges away. Emmy’Anna was also accepted into SCAD Performing Arts College after high school.

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Email: officialemmyanna@gmail.com

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