Aja’e Sterling-“How Super Is Your Producer?”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ladies and gentlemen. The son of Evalena “Teflon Mom” Jones comes Aja’e “Super Producer” Sterling!

Aja’e was born on Stamford Rd. (Considered Crooks Lane) in Baltimore, Md. when he started doing music at his grandmother’s house. Doing music in his grandmother’s basement he eventually met a guy named, Gene Gillespie, across the alley from him who has just moved into the neighborhood and he was a DJ. They were what you would consider the Baltimore version of The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. Not many people knew what they were doing but they were cooking on something epic!

As Aja’e had gotten older he slowed down with being a rapper and then began producing music as a studio producer and slowly grew as he started creating music for local celebrities. Going to concerts to see Maysa etc. learning the basics of professional music production his love grew at an alarming rate. Jumping forward, he then met his mentor Sharon Jackson ( who he considers his industry mother) of Sound Sages who was a HUGE inspiration on teaching him the music business, production and the “do’s and dont’s where he then met Ruff Ends, Paula Campbell and more before they became as globally famous at they are today.

Now from being more seasoned in production, he thought it was time to make a major mark. Within that time music slowed down because he survives within his children. He quoted “ my kids are my air. They have to come first for more security and then ill go back to what I know I’m supposed to do”.

Now, he’s back with a vengeance! Winning 7 beat battles, producing new music for major artists and opening a medium indie label “Anarchy Cirque” that is now co-owned by his brother Matthew Lyles, we expect to get the popcorn and watch the magic happen with this duo.

Matthew Lyles worked for Hidden Beach Records where they released Jill Scott and more so their combination works perfectly. In case you didn’t know. Shawnna Higgs has been a big part of Anarchy as well. Aja’e says “Shawnna has been the ear I needed when it got dark and without that who can fight for the light? She helped me get through some rough patches and for that, I’m so glad to have her on our team. You rock Shawnna!”

Talking to Aja’e you will gain a lot of wisdom. He speaks on how you have to have support with what you do. How you have to surround yourself with “like-minded” individuals or you can easily fail on arrival. Join a group of people who see it how you see it. He just produced new music for his cousin Ronnie Henson from Baltimore who was one of the first acts to get signed to a major label (Motown Records)

with his hit “What Are We Gonna Do?” Prepare for the return of Ronnie Henson!

He is also producing new music for Marcus Canty who is an American R&B and soul singer and dancer. He finished in fourth place in the first season of The X Factor USA from Washington D.C. And is now under the watchful eye of 1924 Music Group that encompasses William “Ivory” Hawthorne and Jonathan Hawthorne.

Working on new music for some new major recording artists this is about to be fun! He said he wanted to say so much but has to wait until the next interview but say’s he wants to thank his bestie “Satya Harrison” for supporting him and praying for him consistently.

They have been friends since 9 years old and have been rocking ever since! Were watching you Mr. Sterling. In your words…..”Anarchy!” See you guys at the top. Well….until the next interview. Have a good day guys.

Malina Silver-Editor and chief

Beat Website

Contact: 410-350-5909 or ajaesterling@ymail.com

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