Interview with Grace de Gier

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grace de Gier is a singer/songwriter with alternative rock influences and a passion for sharing her music with listeners around the world.  Originally from Colombia and now based in The Netherlands, her songs are informed by her love of her family and friends and her day to day experience.  Singing in Spanish, she creates a sound that is edgy yet welcoming, inviting listeners to hear her innermost thoughts.

Grace spent her entire childhood singing before putting off her dreams when she started a family.  Now that she has firmly established herself in The Netherlands, she is finally ready to pursue her dreams again.  She is excited to continue spreading her inspirational music around the world!! 

Interview by Tim Brown

When and why did you start singing 

I have always loved singing all my life and writing since I was little but professionally since last year and I am really very happy it is my passion

From your album “Mágico” what is your favorite song

I love all my songs I really do each song has a meaning but also something different, I would say that my favorite, because of the lyrics and for something special is “Dame Tu mano” give me your hand, I wrote this song for my son we almost lost him when I was pregnant and it was a terrible experience, he is a miracle he really is, so I would say this one is my favorite song 

You write your songs based on your own experiences or just some inspiration? 

Both I also write things about things that I hear or just people that I know but also from my own experience for sure, like Llévame and Mágico I wrote this for my husband and Dame tu mano for my son Jake but I was also thinking about my other son even when he wasn’t not in danger I really have a bad time when they are ill or they aren’t feeling good I really have a bad time, also about anxiety ansiedad because we should be more aware of this sickness. 

Talking about anxiety “Ansiedad” can you tell us about the video that you released a couple of days ago?  How would you describe it

That video has received a lot of attention, I think because maybe those of us who suffer from anxiety see things in a different way and even when others do not understand it, in this video, we want to show the importance of emotional support, it was a video with some ideas amazing of my husband Rolf my niece Diana  and brother-in-law, Jeroen  they are very creative 

That video with the Holograms how did you made this video? 

This video was made by a Dutch company, it was a very nice video I also liked this video is special for me because my mother participated there as the make up lady so it was nice to share this experience with her 

Your songs have something special. Have you been thinking of singing in another language, perhaps English or Dutch?

Yes sure, at the moment I think only in English we are going to release a song a remix song of Tu Sabes “you know it” in English but this is going to be a electronic Rock pop song so I am very curious about the response of the public, I don’t know if someday I will sing in Dutch, maybe you never know! 

What makes this kind of music “good” to you?

I think my music is just like me, I want to show my feelings my emotions who I am in my music and with this great team of people working with me is just perfect 

When the pandemic is over, are you going to go on tour, do you have a band?

Yes this what we want to do we are also very excited to do that, I have a Dutch keyboarditst (Jeroen Komen also very good musicians in Colombia and the second voice (Diana) my niece so we are just waiting for the right moment to do that! To be frank records is also working on that. 

This song llévame is a single, this sounds a little bit different than the album but is a great song, are you going to sing this in English? 

I didn’t think about it but you never know maybe in a near future! Let’s see how it goes with the remix 

What does your family think about your career? Tell us about them

My parents the love what I am doing my brother and 2 sisters are a big support and my husband is just wonderful he has been so amazing in this process, they are just so happy for me, my oldest kid likes my music it makes me so proud, also from Jeroen and Diana they are amazing also my mother’s husband is a really nice person he loves what I am doing 

What are the plans for the future?

I have so many plans but for now I really enjoy being with my family my kids, but when this all this covid-19 finish I really want to bring my music to more people 

So you are from Colombia but you moved to the Netherlands did you ever thought in being a Rock singer? 

Well I am from a small city “Duitama” I always wanted to be a singer but I never thought I was going to do that just I thought it wasn’t more for me, but now that I have the chance I really love what I am doing, writing and singing is my passion. 

Where do you think you will be in 5 years? 

The most important is to be healthy I think but I think in a good place with my husband and kids sharing my music with listeners around the world it would be perfect.

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