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Olya K is a versatile artist mostly known for her Pop song “Hollywood” . After being a part of the Nashville music scene, Olya moves to California to pursue her career as a recording artist.
Recently Olya went back to Nashville and recorded a new Country-Rock version of “Waking up in Nashville ” , or also known as the “Eggs & Bacon” song . She’s in a process of recording a new music video for that song. Olya K believes that a good song is a good song regardless of the style.

Interview by Tim Brown

What inspired you to write “Waking up in Nashville”
I was a downtown resident there. One night I was setting my alarm clock i I thought “should I wake up with a song ” and that was similar the Nashville Songwriters International’s slogan “It all begins with a song”
That’s how the first line was born.
Then I thought, if I live 2 blocks closer to Broadway near the honky-tonks… I could just open my windows…. and the music will wake me up….There was also a discussion going on at that time, about the bands playing too loud so that also contributed to my ideas.

At that time you recorded a simple acoustic version of the song, right?
Yes I did a slower tempo version with acoustic guitar and a tambourine i found on the floor in the music studio.

Your previous release “Hollywood” is in the style of Dance-Pop. Wasn’t that a statement that you’ll continue in that direction, being a Pop artist.
Yes, one would think:) I thought about the same thing, how am I going to top something like “Hollywood”, how am I going to write a better song now. Then I felt a huge relief remembering I have an old dream unfulfilled, and an older song waiting to be done in a faster version. I always wanted to record a happier version of “Waking up in Nashville”.
The pandemic gave us more time to think and time to focus on studio recording.

So you went back to Nashville in the end of 2020 and you came back to Los Angeles with the new version of “Waking up in Nashville”.
Yes, I recorded the song in the same studio and the same producer Daniel “Chip” Martin. I call him “the guitar guru and the sound magician”. Extremely talented producer in Nashville. I explained my vision and he developed it into reality.

Being a versatile artist , would you continue writing in different styles? Are you going to turn into a female Elvis, as a songwriter?
You’re right he was known for singing in the styles of Rock, Gospel, and R &B, etc
I would like to continue singing and writing in different styles. I always say that a good song is a good song regardless the style.

What’s the formula for a Hit song ?
Every songwriter wants to know, it’s like a magic… Its so had to tell, some songs become popular because of the lyrics, some because of the melody , some because of the artist or the video. So many factors can get involved. We just have to keep trying.

Many people are able to record and produce songs nowadays, it has become like a very affordable hobby for many?

That’s absolutely true. Instruments and recording technology has become more affordable. Many people teach vocal lessons, and we have tons of information online how to “become a singer”. When I was a teenager, I was learning from musicians -friends in my neighborhood, asking them questions. There was no internet.
It’s like in sports, everybody can go to the gym , no need to be professional athletes. If it gives you joy keep playing and keep singing.
I made my living exclusively with music from age of 20 to age of 30. I don’t have many shows right now, so I’m focused on being a recording artist and playing my songs on radio. I would also love to write songs for other artists. Good luck to all.


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