Rockidle – Artist of the Month (October 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rockidle is singer / songwriter Derek Hagan.

Now living in Finland, Rockidle has worked on 3 collections of songs previously “Sunny Side Up” with musician / producer Hill Briggs, “Belvedere Drive”, with musician / producer Matt Cowley, and “Relationships”, with singer / musician / producer Tania Sheratte. Rockidle is currently working with Matt Cowley, Tania Sheratte and Hazze Wazeen on a 4th collection of songs titled “Relationships 2 “, due for digital release in November 2021.

“Songs are stories, they should have a start, middle, an end, have content and mean something. Songs are your babies, they are born with some chords on an acoustic guitar, lyrics, and an idea of how you want them to sound. Hopefully some of them grow up, develop, flourish and leave home. Maybe someone, somewhere, at some time, will pick up on one, and think, yeah, good song, this guy can write”.

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